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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hygiene Vs Cleanly Spirit

My grandma Elizabeth once told me to keep a pen and a little notebook by my bed. As an insomniac and a writer, she always knows too well the obstacles I am facing. "No matter how tired you are," she pleaded, "no matter how much you don't want to drag yourself out of bed for the hundredth time that night, when you have an idea or some thought that comes to your mind fully formed...perfect.... write it down!" And so, I'm writing it down.

Hygiene vs Cleanliness of Spirit
When you're covered in sweat, and dirt, and piss, and bugs
And when there's a dried layer of sweat over all of it.
When you've been dusted with diesel, and given up on makeup and bug spray weeks ago,
And when salty rivulets of sunscreen drip mercilessly into your bloodshot eyes...
You can really start to feel the shine from within.

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